an empty can / pusta puszka

an empty can
rolling across the street
my insomnia

pusta puszka
toczy się po ulicy
moja bezsenność

Haiku Dialogue: What’s at Hand Week 16 theme: an empty can 15.05.2019

comment by Pat Davis: The thing that struck me right away about Marta’s haiku was that it could be read with a break after Line 1 or Line 2 !

Comment by Alan Summers: Great last line ‘my insomnia’ and the decision to make it that last line really works well!
I love how the middle line isn’t designed to be a pivot line but it has the same effect on this reader (me)!
But because there is no overt or telegraphed pivot line, the haiku is so much more powerful, than a comparison technique of comparing one thing against another.
If there is ever an anthology out of the work posted by KJMunro and Craig Kittner, this is a definite one to be in there!
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a small coffin / trumienka

a small coffin
on father’s other arm
the mourning cloak

na drugim ramieniu ojca
rusałka żałobnik

Comment by Guest Editor Craig Kittner:
"Marta Chocilowska tells us much with very little. By the words she chose, we can surmise that the narrator is holding onto her father’s other arm, and (since the coffin is small) that she is a child and the deceased is her sibling. The juxtaposition of this sad scene with the beauty of the aptly named butterfly provides a rich experience".

Comment by Alan Summers
Haiku Dialogue — What’s at Hand: theme : a colorful insect.

27.Samobor Haiku Meeting 2019

27. Darko Plažanin Samoborski haiku susreti / Samobor Haiku Meeting  April, 2019. 

long recovery
cherry blossoms
on the net

sweltering heat
a smoke over the landfill
maintains vertical

musing . . .
a cry from the riverside
tears the fog

nativity scene
old monk on the ladder
fixes a star

Credits: long recoveery - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 honorouable mention; swelterin heat -   Failed Haiku vol. 4 issue 37, 2019; musing -  Blithe Spirit Vol. 28, No. 1 2018; nativity scene -  LunchBreak by Gillena Cox blog, January 3, 2019


musing / lilac bush

Two haiku of mine are published in World Haiku Anthology No 15, 2019 edited by Ban'ya Natsuishi World Haiku Association.

World Haiku No. 15, 2019

zamyślenie . . . 
okrzyk znad brzegu rzeki
przecina mgłę

musing . . .
a cry from the riverside
tears the fog

credit: Blithe Spirit Vol. 28, No. 1, 2018 

rozkwitły krzak bzu –
dwa wózki inwalidzkie
tuż obok

lilac bush in bloom –
two wheelchairs
close by


night drive / nocna podróż

night drive
silvered arms of trees
and Chopin

nocna podróż
srebrzyste konary drzew
i Szopen

The 10th Anniversary issue of the World Haiku Review (March 2019) announced the results of The R H Blyth Award. My haiku is published in - ZATSUEI, haiku of merit

The R.H. Blyth Award 2019, haiku of merit

the sweltering heat / piekielny upał

Haiku Dialogue: What’s at Hand Week 10 - a threadbare blanket.

the sweltering heat . . .
on the old man’s shoulders
a threadbare blanket

piekielny upał
na ramionach staruszka
wyświechtany koc

Haiku Dialogue: What’s at Hand: a threadbare blanket 03.04.2019