cutting reeds / ścinanie trzciny

cutting reeds
piece by piece
the backwater turns blue

ścinanie trzciny
stopniowo błękitnieje

tăind stuf
bucată cu bucată
gărla devine-albastră
(translated from English into Romanian by Eduard TARĂ)

2nd prize in 5th Haiku Contest Sharpening the Green Pencil 2016
The Book of the Contest 2016

II nagroda w w piątej edycji konkursu haiku Sharpening the Green Pencil 2016, w której udział wzięło 250 autorów z 45 krajów

The poem does not need kireji since it frames a meaningful story whose meaning skids by itself, unexpectedly, from a practical matter to a symbolical, almost exemplary, result. The characteristic charm and tension of the poem consists in a contextual ellipsis whose hint is only given with its last word. The hard work (done by just one individual or perhaps by us all) turns out to be a kind of escape, release, patient purification of the water which reflects the blue sky. Piece by piece, as a result of our labour, the sky changes the backwater’s colour.
comment by Corneliu Traian ATANASIU, President of the Jury
translation by Ana DROBOT

(komentarz Corneliu Traian ATANASIU str. 14-15; haiku i tłumaczenia str. 73)
Blithe Spirit vol. 28 no. 1 February 2018
Chrysanthemum no 23, April 2018

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